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When I was at school I wanted to be an artist. I gained a BA Honours Degree in Fine Art.

My mother said it was impossible to make a living from art! My father insisted that I gain touch typing skills so that I would always be able to find work.

I have always kept my hand in with the occasional painting throughout my life.

Years went by, I had 3 children and a variety of jobs from teacher to chauffeur. With my partner I built a successful international business as a Professional Astrologer, for over 20 years. Then events in my life caused me to re-evaluate my perspective.

My youngest daughter died of Leukemia at the age of 27, she had always encouraged my art and as a self help therapy to get over my loss, I started to paint again, just for my own interest.

Interested vewers of my work enquired and I started to sell online and now have finally developed a career in art that I have some how been denied. My renewed interest, skills and the internet age all combined their timings to allow me to pursue my artistic interests.


Today I produce art & craft that I like, that I would buy for myself and that other people buy because they like it too.

My work is inspired by what I see & feel, by nature, by design & lovely things.

It has taken a life of careers, but finally I am here!


Thank you to my partner for supporting my every brush stroke and making this little website for me


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